Professor, School of Global Japanese Studies,
Dean, Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Applied linguistics, English-language education

Research themes:
Instruction incorporating strategies for learning; CEFR and learner autonomy; speaking models for learners of second languages

Academic degrees:
Ph.D. (rhetoric and linguistics)

Main books and papers:
◆CEFR-J Guidebook (coauthor, Taishukan, 2013)
◆Togoteki eigoka kyoikuho (“An integrated approach to teach English) (coauthor, Seibido, 2012)
◆“Sho, chu, ko, dai no ikkan suru eigo komyunikeshon noryoku no totatsu kijun no sakutei to sono kensho” (“Formulation and verification of consistent English communication skill achieving standards for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college”) (Interim Report, 2013-2015 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [A]) (coauthor, “CEFR no rinen to gakushusha no jiritsu” [“The CEFR philosophy and learner autonomy”], 2010)
Seicho suru eigogakushusha: gakushusha yoin to jiritsu gakushu (“English-language learners who grow: learner factors and autonomous learning”) (coauthor, Gakushu sutorateji to metaninchi [“Learning strategies and metacognition”], Taishukan, 2010)
Kotogakko shingakushushidoyoryo no tenkai (“Deploying the new designated Course of Study for high schools”) (coauthor, Meijitosho, 2010)
◆“What Are L2 Learners Thinking about While Performing a Speaking Task?” (coauthor, Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, U.S.A., pp. 2079-2081 [2009])
◆“Project Work Designed to Develop Learners’ Metacognition” (sole author, Annual Review of English Learning and Teaching (The JACET Kyushu-Okinawa Chapter), 12, pp. 61-66 [2007])
Eigokyoshi no tame no gakushu sutorateji handobukku (“Learning strategy handbook for English teachers”) (coeditor, Taishukan, 2006)