Consideration of COVID-19 Infection in Terms of Public Policy

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The spread of the COVID-19 infection, which is a global crisis, is seriously affecting our lives. We need to cope with the global spread of new infectious diseases in the future too. So, it seems that the post-COVID-19 society will not be exactly the same as the society before COVID-19. People are advancing coexistence with COVID-19 and a new lifestyle. In this situation, the professors at the Graduate School of Governance Studies, who aim for the fusion of theory and practice, think about what our society is going to be in the future and what public policies should do, from their respective experts’ standpoints.

Transitions accelerated by the spread of COVID-19

About transition studies I have been focusing on “transition” as a study of policy processes. In the Japanese language, it is sometimes tran ...

COVID-19 and Environmental Issues – Climate Change and Others

Effects of COVID-19 on climate change issues As you know, efforts to control COVID-19 are trade-offs with economic activities. Due to reduce ...

Decision-making and Policy – From the viewpoint of economics

Here, let us think about decision-making in policy decisions from the viewpoint of economics.

Social Security and Administrative Governance after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has passed through the first wave (peaking in late April 2020), the second wave (peaking in early August 2020), and th ...