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Urban agriculture provides an opportunity to get to know the realities of Japanes ...

Agriculture is important for supporting human food, but the fact is that people’s knowledge and interest in agriculture are low in modern Ja ...

Gentle, soothing humor of kyogen

In 2001, nohgaku (noh and kyogen) was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It has been recognized as one of the Japanese t ...

The local producer in Kumamoto Prefecture is also a victim of the problem of asar ...

There is no end to fraudulent claims about origin of agricultural and fishery products. Just recently, asari clams disguised as ones from Ku ...

Distinguished Professor Emeritus HAGIWARA Ichiro was introduced on Futurities, th ...

Origami, the Japanese art of transforming a single sheet of paper into various shapes, is a traditional cultural activity and form of play t ...

What you see may not be real but an illusion

Many of you may have seen pictures of optical illusions. One example may be lines of the same length appearing to be of different lengths by ...

In the era of new normal, is it possible to make advertising that satisfies society?

Is advertising recognized as useful for us to provide product information? No! It tends to be considered uninvited in the current environmen ...

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Featured Articles

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable. Meiji scholars have been considering the scientific, technical and medical challenges of the pandemic as well as its social, economic and legal implications.
Meiji University is applying its interdisciplinary expertise in the hopes of ensuring a recovery for all people and offering solutions that can benefit the world.

Consideration of COVID-19 Infection in Terms of Public Policy

The spread of the COVID-19 infection, which is a global crisis, is seriously affecting our lives. We need to cope with the global spread of new infectious diseases in the future too. So, it seems that the post-COVID-19 society will not be exactly the same as the society before COVID-19. People are advancing coexistence with COVID-19 and a new lifestyle. In this situation, the professors at the Graduate School of Governance Studies, who aim for the fusion of theory and practice, think about what our society is going to be in the future and what public policies should do, from their respective experts’ standpoints.