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What is it that made Einstein who he was?

In recent years, it has been pointed out that the research capabilities of Japanese universities have declined. This is reflected in the dec ...

Japanese-style innovation comes from Japanese ambidextrous leaders

In recent years, innovation created by multinational corporations has increasingly brought about changes and affluence in our lives. There i ...

Game skills can be your capital

Gaming addiction among young people has been considered a problem in recent years. As a countermeasure, some local governments established o ...

Associate Professor ISHIDA Sachiko was introduced on Made in Japan, “The Future i ...

Flip through a book of origami patterns and it's hard not to notice the math staring back at you. The same is true when unfolding a finished ...

IT introduction in civil courts is not simply for speeding up

The phenomenon of lengthy trials became problematic, and the 1996 revision of the Code of Civil Procedure has accelerated court procedures. ...

Unraveling Sex Determination in Bursaphelenchus Nematodes: A Path Towards Pest-co ...

The mechanisms underlying sex determination in nematodes, commonly known as roundworms, have not been fully understood. Now, an internationa ...

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Discovering the hidden power of plants that saves us from human crises -by SETO Yoshiya

Featured Articles

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable. Meiji scholars have been considering the scientific, technical and medical challenges of the pandemic as well as its social, economic and legal implications.
Meiji University is applying its interdisciplinary expertise in the hopes of ensuring a recovery for all people and offering solutions that can benefit the world.

Consideration of COVID-19 Infection in Terms of Public Policy

The spread of the COVID-19 infection, which is a global crisis, is seriously affecting our lives. We need to cope with the global spread of new infectious diseases in the future too. So, it seems that the post-COVID-19 society will not be exactly the same as the society before COVID-19. People are advancing coexistence with COVID-19 and a new lifestyle. In this situation, the professors at the Graduate School of Governance Studies, who aim for the fusion of theory and practice, think about what our society is going to be in the future and what public policies should do, from their respective experts’ standpoints.