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We believe that a university is a place of learning open to all. Meiji.net is the place to find information about faculty research and contributions to society.
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Latest Articles

Transition management, stimulating a structural change at the societal level

Various initiatives have been promoted at the grassroots level in order to resolve extremely long-term and large-scale societal issues, such ...

Meiji University × The Wall Street Journal:“The Future of Plastics ~Can Carbon Dioxide Solve Our Plastics Problem?”

Our advertisement feature “The Future of Plastics ~Can Carbon Dioxide Solve Our Plastics Problem?” by Assoc.Prof. OSANAI Takashi (School of ...

Where the 2024 U.S. presidential election and overheated media competition are headed

The U.S. presidential campaign, held every four years, is now underway. The U.S. presidential election can broadly be divided into two phase ...

Asset price from the perspective of the specs of condominiums costing more than 100 million yen

The prices of condominiums in Tokyo city center are skyrocketing, and especially the higher floors in the popular areas have become unattain ...

Physical Internet aims to solve 2024 problem in distribution

In Japan, the distribution crisis caused by the shortage of drivers has been anticipated for several years. In April this year, it was stipu ...

Finding Refined Japanese Expressions in the Writings of Foreign Missionaries

During recent years, news about the popularity of Japanese literature overseas has been increasing. However, its creators are not only Japan ...

Featured Videos

Investment: An Important Financial Asset for Retirement –by NUMATA Yuko

A Closer Look at the Urban Impacts of the Tokyo Olympics –by ARAMATA Miyo

Intestinal Bacteria: Enabling Healthy Lives for People and Pets–by ASANUMA Narito

Root of the Problem: Exploring Host-Parasite interactions in Plants –by SETO Yoshiya

Vibration Control Using Fictitious Weight and Machine Learning –by MATSUOKA Taichi

Improving Fiscal Democracy in Japan: Tax Lessons from Denmark–by KURACHI Shintaro

How Globalization Affects Manufacturing Organizations and Employment Practices –by SUMI Atsushi

Protecting the Pacific Saury: Need for Effective Fishery Regulations –by SATO Chie

The Museum: A Place Full of Discovery and Wonder –by INOUE Yuka

Simulation Technology for Better Environmental Quality in Buildings –by HIYAMA Kyosuke

Featured Articles

Tora ni Tsubasa” heroine modeled after Meiji University graduate! Exploring the history of women’s education with Japan’s first female lawyer, MIBUCHI Yoshiko

Tora ni Tsubasa”, NHK serial morning drama, known as “Asadora,” started in April 2024. The drama is an original story based on the true story of Japan’s first female lawyer, MIBUCHI Yoshiko, and is creating a big buzz among viewers. From the fictional name “Meiritsu University” in the drama, it is widely known that the model of the heroine, MIBUCHI Yoshiko, is a graduate of Meiji University.

Tasting is believing! FUJIMORI Shingo experiences something Surprising at the forefront of taste media

The ability to record and play back your own voice began with the phonograph, which was invented by Thomas Edison, and is now taken for granted. So, can something like this be done with food and drink? The first to make this kind of phenomenon a reality was Professor MIYASHITA Homei of Meiji University.

Interview with the CEO of Volvo Car Japan:
Future of the Automotive Industry and the Importance of Branding

The automotive industry, which has been leading Japanese industry, is now undergoing a drastic change amid the surge of globalization. The Japanese automotive industry has led the world with its exceptional technology, but now it is facing a turning point that superior manufacturing technology alone is not enough to survive in the global market.

Let’s think about the realization of a smart society

At present, the aim is to realize a smart society utilizing digital technologies such as AI and IoT. To this end, however, we have come to understand that we have some familiar problems.
This series of three articles explains familiar problems and provides tips for thinking about the realization of a smart society in the future.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable. Meiji scholars have been considering the scientific, technical and medical challenges of the pandemic as well as its social, economic and legal implications.
Meiji University is applying its interdisciplinary expertise in the hopes of ensuring a recovery for all people and offering solutions that can benefit the world.

Consideration of COVID-19 Infection in Terms of Public Policy

The spread of the COVID-19 infection, which is a global crisis, is seriously affecting our lives. We need to cope with the global spread of new infectious diseases in the future too. So, it seems that the post-COVID-19 society will not be exactly the same as the society before COVID-19. People are advancing coexistence with COVID-19 and a new lifestyle. In this situation, the professors at the Graduate School of Governance Studies, who aim for the fusion of theory and practice, think about what our society is going to be in the future and what public policies should do, from their respective experts’ standpoints.