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We believe that a university is a place of learning open to all. Meiji.net is the place to find information about faculty research and contributions to society.
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The latest technology to reduce crop damage is learnt from plants

Agricultural products using genetic modification technology have been distributed in Japan and there are not a few people who feel anxious a ...

European style multi-local living is attractive for us too

In recent years, interest in multi-local living is increasing. It is a lifestyle in which we try to enrich our lives by having multiple resi ...

Learning the making of transparent conductive film for digital devices from mothe ...

Transparent conductive film is used in the displays of a wide range of digital devices, including smartphones and computers―the absolute ess ...

What saves us from stress is reactive oxygen species, a principal of aging!?

Reactive oxygen species are thought to promote the aging of our bodies and have also been found to be involved in lifestyle-related diseases ...

Visualization of secure and comfort by building simulation

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic increased interest in indoor ventilation. Actually, in building design, ventilation has been considered mainl ...

A drug that works on your body is a drug that works on proteins

In many countries, a COVID-19 vaccine is being developed in order to end the pandemic. Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins could be u ...

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