KATO Akihiko

Professor, School of Political Science and Economics,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Comparative sociology, family demography

Research themes:
A historical and international comparative study of family, population, social structure (reproduction system of society)

Main Books and Papers:
◆Ie to Kyodosei: Kazoku Kenkyu no Saizensen (Family and Communality: Front Line of Family Research) (Coauthored and edited, Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd., 2016)
◆Kousureba Shoshika wa Kokufukudekiru: ‘Kazoku Jinko Seisaku’ no Teigen (How We Can Overcome Low Fertility: Proposal on “Population and Family Policies”) (Japan Policy Institute, 2016)
◆A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century (Coauthored, Tohoku University Press, Sendai, 2013)
◆“Two Major Factors behind the Marriage Decline in Japan: the Deterioration in Macroeconomic Performance and the Diffusion of Individualism Ideology” (Journal of Population Problems, Vol. 67 No. 2, 2011)