ISHIDA Tomonobu

Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Code of Criminal Procedure

Research themes:
Research on the right of defense of suspects and defendants (right to remain silent and right to request a defense counsel) and cases of wrongful convictions

Right to remain silent, right to legal assistance, Post conviction review system

Main books and papers:
◆“Bengoshi Tachiaiken – Torishirabe no Kashika Kara Tachiaie” (Defense Counsel’s Right to Be Present: From Visualization of Interrogation to Presence) (Joint authorship) Nippon Hyoron Sha, 2022
◆“21 Seiki no Saishin” (Retrial in the 21st Century) (Joint authorship) Nippon Hyoron Sha, 2021
◆“Sekken Koutsuken no Riron to Jitsumu” (Theory and Practice of Right to see a lawyer) (Joint authorship) Gendaijinbun-sha, 2018