KANEKO Toshiya

Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Intellectual property law

Research themes:
Joint ownership of intellectual property rights, enforcement of intellectual property rights through collaboration between the intellectual property law and other legal and academic fields

Copyrights, patents, intellectual property rights

Main books and papers:
◆“Toward a Flexible Copyright System: Content and the Role of Copyright Law” (Joint editorship) Shinzansha, 2017
◆Intellectual Property Law (Legal Quest) (Joint authorship) Yuuhikaku, 2018
◆“Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (Focusing on Patent Rights)” Annual Report of the Japan Association of Industrial Property Law, No. 34, p. 1, 2011
◆“Shohyoken no Kyoyusha ni yoru Shiyo” (Use of Trademark Rights by Joint Owners) Patent: special volume 64, Issue 5, p. 171, 2011