KATO Keisuke

Associate Professor, School of Science and Technology,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Intelligent mechanics, mechanical system (mechatronics, robot engineering)

Research themes:
Robots for human support in a living environment, mobile robots, and machine elements for robot actuation

Main books and papers:
◆Development of Step and Stairs-Climbing Vehicle Type Robot with Revolving and Rotating Sub Wheels and Telescopic Body (Mechanical Design and Experiments of Ascending and Descending Stairs) (Co-authored, Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE) Journal “Design Engineering,” 2020)
◆Design and Development of Stair Climbing Robot to Support Mobile and Carriage (Design of Wheels with C-shaped Passive Claws Adaptable to Shape of Step and Vehicle Body Adaptable to Distance between Stair Nosings (Co-authored, JSDE Journal “Design Engineering,” 2020)
◆Development of Quadruped Robot with Additional Center Support Leg for Moving on Indoor Spiral Stairs (Design of Center Support Leg Drive Mechanism and Foot Mechanism) (Co-authored, JSDE Journal “Design Engineering,” 2020)
◆Portable Earthquake Simulator using Omni-directional Wheels in Twist-radial Configuration – High Acceleration Drive Mechanism – (Co-authored, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering (JAEE) Journal, 2019)
◆Development of 4+1 Leg Type Robot Moving on Winding Staircase (Motion Control for Stable Climbing) (Co-authored, JSDE Journal “Design Engineering,” 2015)
◆Automation Technology for Humanitarian Demining Task (Co-authored, Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (JRSJ), 2001)