KATO Masahiko

Associate Professor, School of Agriculture,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Soil science, geo-environment science

Research themes:
The development of techniques for the restoration of polluted urban soil and ground to a usable state; the development of techniques for the effective utilization in soil of international resources such as fertilizer

Main books and papers:
◆Enhancing pyromorphite formation in lead-contaminated soils by improving soil physical parameters using hydroxyapatite treatment, Science of the Total Environment (2020)
◆Feature of lead complexed with dissolved organic matter on lead immobilization by hydroxyapatite in aqueous solutions and soils, Chemosphere, Vol. 249, 126122 (2020)
◆Arsenic release from marine sedimentary rock after excavation from urbanized coastal areas: Oxidation of framboidal pyrite and subsequent natural suppression of arsenic release, Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 670, 752–759 (2019)