OTA Shozo

Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Sociology of law, law and economics, law and negotiation, law and statistics, AI and law, neuro law, civil dispute resolution

Research themes:
Research on judicial systems using AI, dispute resolution by negotiation and ADR, legal mind research through brain science, legal profession theory, social norms, etc.

AI, empirical social science, economic analysis, statistical analysis

Main books and papers:
Introduction to Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Author and Editor) Kobundo, 2020 [in Japanese].
Toward Empirical Social Science of Law: The Festschrift for Professor Masayuki MURAYAMA’s 70th Birthday (Author and Coeditor) Shinzansha, 2019 [in Japanese].
Challenge of Civil Law in the 21st Century: The Festschrift for Professor Masanobu KATO’s 70th Birthday (2 volumes)) (Author and Coeditor) Shinzansha, 2018 [in Japanese].
Case Settlement Creates the Future: The Festschrift for Professor Yoshiro KUSANO’s 70th Birthday (Author and Coeditor) Shinzansha, 2018 [in Japanese].
◆”Care-giving to Elderly Person with Dementia and Legal Decision: Impacts on the Evaluation & Attitude of Bereaved Families of Persons Requiring Care,” Law & Practice, Vol. 14, pp. 243-286, 2018 [in Japanese].
◆”Bayesian Approach for Social Science: From NHST to MCMC,” Japanese Law & Society Review, Vol. 3, pp. 25-46, 2017 [in Japanese].
The Lay Judge System as Seen by the Japanese People (Author and Coeditor) Keiso Shobo, 2015 [in Japanese].