Associate Professor, School of Information and Communication,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research themes:
The social psychology of defensiveness. In particular, the terror management theory, and judgments of fairness.

Academic degrees:
Ph.D. (Pedagogy)

Main books and papers:
Sonzaikyoui-kanririron eno izanai – hitowa shinounmeini ikani tachimukaunoka – (An invitation to terror management theory – How people face up to mortality?) (Saiensu-sha Co., Ltd., 2012)
Reconstruction of the subjective temporal distance of past interpersonal experiences after mortality salience.Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37, 687-700. (2011)
Effects of mortality salience on self-effacing attribution and anticipation for supportive attribution by close friends. The Japanese Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49, 58-71 (2009)