SASAKI Hiroyuki

Professor, School of Science and Technology,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Architecture, urban design, urban and regional planning

Research themes:
Strategic urban design and urban planning practices, public space design, contemporary urbanism theory research

Main books and papers:
◆Tokyo Urbanism -From Hinterland to Kaiwai (Joint authorship) World Scientific
◆A STUDY ON UTILIZATION OF COLLECTIVE MOBILE FOOD UNITS Through a case study of “Food Cart Pod” in the City of Portland, Oregon 88(813) (Joint authorship) Journal of Architecture and Planning
◆A Study of the Utilization of “Rikaisen” toward Downtown Revitalization in Iida City, Nagano pp.2629-2639 (Joint authorship) Journal of Architecture and Planning
◆Event Held by Collaboration between Cities as Initial Implementation of Regional Promotion -Through a case study in Onden, Shibuya and Iida City, Nagano- AIJ Journal of Technology and Design pp.1132-1137
◆A Study of Pedestrian usage of Parking Lanes as Outdoor Dining Space -Through the comparison of “flexible zone” and Parklet- 83(747),pp.885-895, Journal of Architecture and Planning