Professor, School of Political Science and Economics,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Public administration, local governance, and regional politics

Research themes:
Significance and challenges of decentralization reform, management reform of local governments and civic collaboration, etc.

Main books and papers:
◆“Chiho Jichi Nyumon” (Introduction to Japanese Local Government) (Joint authorship) Horitsu Bunka Sha, 2023
◆“Daitoshi Seido no Koso to Kadai” (Concepts and Challenges of the Large City System) (Author and editor) Koyo Shobo, 2022
◆“Jichi Bunken to Chiiki Gyosei” (Autonomy, Decentralization and Regional Administration) (Author and editor) Ashi-Shobo, 2020
◆“Chiho Jichi Ron: Henka to Mirai” (Local Governance: Change and Future) (Joint authorship) Horitsu Bunka Sha, 2018
◆“Kokka to Shakai no Seiji Gyosei Gaku” (Politics and Public Administration of Nation and Society) (Author and editor) Ashi-Shobo, 2013
◆“Jichitai Gikai no Kadai to Soten” (Challenges and Points of Dispute in Local Councils) (Author and editor) Ashi-Shobo, 2012
◆“Bunken Jidai no Chiho Jichi” (Local Governance in the Age of Decentralization) (Author and editor) Sanseido, 2007
◆“Koiki Gyosei to Jichitai Keiei” (Wide-Area Administration and Local Government Management) (Author and editor) Gyosei, 2003, and others