Associate Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Civil procedure

Research themes:
Legislative and interpretive measures to expedite civil procedure

Expediting civil courts, theory on justice system theory and legal system

Main books and papers:
◆Overview and Comments regarding Provisional Draft of the Revision on the Code of Civil Procedure for IT-Driven Civil Procedure: Considering the Introduction of the IT-Driven Civil Procedure under the Covid-19 Pandemic in Japan, The Meiji Law Review Vol. 94, No. 2 and No. 3, pp.327-370, 2021
◆Part I Chapter 2 The Role and Issues of Evidence in a Traffic Accident Litigation on an Autonomous Car: Through Mock Trial Cases (Joint authorship) Automated Driving and Social Transformation: Law and Insurance, Shojihomu Co., Ltd., pp33-54, 2019
◆“Further Reforms of the Japanese Code of Civil Procedure: How do reforms of the information provision process harmonize procedural and substantive fairness?” UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy Vol.19, No.2, 2013
◆“Shiho Akusesu wo Hoshosuru Shudan toshiteno Keizaiteki Shiensaku – Jittaiteki Seigi Jitsugen notameno Keizaiteki Shien no Hitsuyosei tosono Kanosei” (Economic Assistance as Means to Assure Access to Justice – Necessity and Potential of Economic Assistance to Realize Substantive Justice) The Liberty & Justice, 63 (12), Page 87-93, 2012
◆“Bengoshi to Saibansho kanno Joho Kyoyuka no Katei to Bengoshi Saibansho Sohono Yakuwari – Minji Sosho nitaisuru Shinrai no Kojo to Saranaru Kaizensaku no Ichi Teigen -” (Process of Information Sharing between Attorneys and Courts, and Roles of both Attorneys and Courts – A Proposal on Improvement of Trust in Civil Trial and Further Measures -) The Hanreijiho (2153), Page 3-27, 2012