Emeritus Professor,
Former Professor, School of Science and Technology (~2023),
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Structural biology

Research themes:
Nanoparticle synthesis using protein functions, Development of X-ray microscopy, Structure and function of bacterial flagella filaments

Main books and papers:
◆“Inochi no Butsuri—Seibutsu-butsurigaku Hajimeno Ippo” (The Physics of Life—The First Step in Biophysics) (Kiri Shobo, 2006)
◆Two-Dimensional Crystallization of P22 Virus-Like Particles, Hideyuki Yoshimura, Ethan Edwards, Masaki Uchida, Kimberly McCoy, Raj Roychoudhury, Benji Schwarz,Dustin Patterson and Trevor Douglas, J. Phys. Chem. B, 120, 5938-5944 (2016)
◆Ferritin protein encapsulated photoluminescent rare earth nanoparticle, T. Harada, H. Yoshimura, J. Appl. Phys., 114, 044309(1-8) (2013). July
◆Contrast Enhancement and Three-dimensional Computed Tomography in Projection X-ray Microscopy, H. Yoshimura, D. Shoutsu, R. Sano, T. Mitsui, In Xray Microscopy, American Insitute of Physics, 525-528, (2000).
◆Two-Dimensional Protein Array Growth in Thin Layers of Protein Solution on Aqueous Subphases, H. Yoshimura, T. Scheybani, W. Baumeister, and K. Nagayama, Langmuir, 10, 3290-3295 (1994).
◆Two-dimensional Crystallization of Proteins on Mercury, H. Yoshimura, M. Matsumoto, S. Endo and K. Nagayama, Ultramicroscopy, 32, 265-274 (1990).