Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research themes:
Multi-layered human rights protection system built through constitutions and international human rights treaties; transnational legislative and judicial dialogue in a globalized world; European Convention on Human Rights and the United Kingdom

Main books and papers:
◆Emerging Transjudicial Dialogue on Human Rights in Japan, 14 MEIJI DAIGAKU HOUKA DIGAKUIN RONSHU [MEIJI LAW SCHOOL LAW REVIEW] 139 (2014).
◆A Possibility of the Muti-layered Human Rights Implementation System Underpinned by the Simultaneous Codification of the Constitution of Japan and the International Human Rights Treaty,in Wen-Yeu Wang (ed), Codification in International Perspective (Springer, 2014).
◆Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Multi-Layered System for the Protection of Human Rights: Lessons from UK-European experiences under the European Convention on Human Rights” 13 MEIJI DAIGAKU HOUKA DIGAKUIN RONSHU [MEIJI LAW SCHOOL LAW REVIEW] 1(2013)
◆Tasoteki Jinken Hosho System niokeru Global Model toshiteno Hireigensoku no Kanosei [The Potential for the Principle of Proportionality as a Global Model in Multi-Layered Systems for the Protection of Human Rights], in Gendai Rikkenshugi no Shosou [Some Aspects on Modern Constitutionalism] (Yuhikaku, 2013)
◆Mondai-wa Jinken Kitei-nanoka Jinken o Jitsugensuru Shikumi (Tochi-kiko) nanoka [Is the Problem A Bill of Human Rights or the Systems (Governing Bodies) for Achieving Human Rights?], in Kaiken-no Naniga Mondai-ka [What Is the Problem with Revising the Constitution?]( (Iwanami Shoten, 2013)
◆Europpa Jinken Saibansho-to Kokunai Saibansho-no “Taiwa”? [Dialogue between the European Court of Human Rights and National Courts?], in Fuhenteki Kokusaishakai-eno Ho-no Chosen [Legal Attempts at Realizing a Universal International Community] (Shinzansha, 2013)
◆A Gap between the Apparent and Hidden Attitudes of the Supreme Court of Japan towards Foreign Precedents, in Groppi & Ponthoreau, The Use of Foreign Precedents by Constitutional Judges (Hart, 2013)