Professor, Juris Doctor Course (Law School), Professional Graduate School,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Legal dispute resolution procedures

Research themes:
Worked on civil cases, such as suits, executions, and protections, as a judge, as well as criminal cases and juvenile cases. Currently, as a lawyer, serves as an on-duty lawyer, public defender, etc. Also studies methods for utilizing various legal dispute resolution procedures (including litigation, mediation, ADR, and consultation).

Main books and papers:
◆“Kyobo kyodo seihan niokeru mihitsu no koi nimotozuku kyobo nitsuite” (Conspiracy based on Willful Negligence in Co-Principal by Reason of Conspiracy) Meiji University Law School Review No. 13 (2013)
◆“Kotsujiko no horitsu sodan” (Traffic Accident Legal Consultation) Co-author, Seirin-Shoin (2012)
◆“Shingata/hitenkei koishogai no hyoka” (Evaluation of New/Atypical Residual Disability) Co-author, Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd. (2005)
◆“Jitsumu fuhokoiho kogi” (Practical Tort Law Lecture) Co-author, Minjiho Kenkyukai (2012)