Associate Professor, School of Science and Technology,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Measurement engineering, Control and system engineering, Aerospace engineering

Research themes:
Position estimation of various moving vehicles using electric wave signals and images

Measurement, positioning, radar, navigation, GNSS

Main books and papers:
◆α-β Filter Design for Guaranteeing Filtering Accuracy when Switching Multiple Sensors with Different Observation Period and Measurement Accuracy (joint authorship, “Journal B of IEICE Communications Society” J104-B (No. 12), pp. 982-991, IEICE Communications Society, 2021)
◆A Downlink TDOA Positioning Method Using Angle Difference of Arrival (ADOA) (joint authorship, “Journal B of IEICE Communications Society) J104-B (No. 11), pp 947-959, IEICE Communications Society, 2021)