ABE Etsuo

Professor, School of Business Administration,
Meiji University

Research fields:
International comparative research on business management, particularly management history, the entrepreneurship, business strategy, business organization, and business culture

Research themes:
Corporate strategy and corporate governance in the EU, United States, Japan, and East Asia
[Keywords] The development of business, business culture, international comparisons

Main books and papers:
◆“Keiei shi: dai ni han (Nikkei Bunko)” (Business History: Second Edition (Nikkei Bunko)),” Nikkei Inc. (2010)
◆“Japanese Success? British Failure?” (Oxford U.P. (1997)
◆“Daieiteikoku no sangyo haken” (An Industrial Hegemony of the British Empire: A Rise and Fall of the Iron and Steel Industry), Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. (1993)