SAWAI Kazuhiko

Associate Professor, School of Commerce,
Meiji University

Research fields:
Sports science, sport management, sport policy

Research themes:
Sport population, company sport, career transition of athletes, management of sport facilities, Sports Co-Creation
[Keywords] Sports science, new institutional economics, human capital theory

Main books and papers:
◆“Kindai Nihon wo Tsukutta Shintai” (Bodies that Built Modern Japan) (Coauthor) Taishukan Publishing, 2017
◆“Kodomo Seishonen no Supotsu Raifu Deta 2017” (The 2017 SSF National Sports-Life Survey of Children and Young People) (Coauthor) Sasakawa Sports Foundation, 2017
◆“Supotsu Raifu Deta 2016” (The 2016 SSF National Sports-Life Survey) (Coauthor) Sasakawa Sports Foundation, 2016
◆“Supotsu Manejimento Kaiteiban (Supotsu Bijinesu Sosho)” (Sport Management Revised Edition (Sport Business Series)) (Coauthor) Taishukan Publishing, 2015