Professor, Juris Doctor Course (Law School), Professional Graduate School,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Code of Civil Procedure, ADR, judicial theory

Research themes:

Shortcomings in the due process of civil lawsuits and remedies, self-driving cars and legal responsibility

Main books and papers:
◆“Fundamentals of the Code of Civil Procedure” (Joint authorship), 2003
◆“Commentary on the Personal Status Litigation Act and Domestic Relations Case Procedure Act” (Joint authorship), 2013
◆“The Law School: Its Progress Over 10 Years and Future Prospects”, Report on the Symposium held on the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Meiji University Law School (Author and editor), 2015
◆“Shiro Isobe’s Lecture Notes on the Code of Civil Procedure” in “The Birthplace of Modern Japanese Law and the Meiji Law School”, 2007
◆“Legal Fictions of Summonses, and Retrials” in “New Horizons for the Study of the Law of Civil Procedures”, 2009
◆“Founding Principles of Law Schools and the Reality 10 Years On”, Rule of Law (July 2014 issue)
◆“Legislation on and Issues Surrounding Self-Driving Cars” in “The Forefront of Car Autopilot Development”, 2014
◆“Thinking About Legal Issues in the Move to Actualize Self-Driving Cars” in “The Future of Self-Driving Cars 2016-2020”, Nikkei BP Mirai Seminar, 2015
◆“Legal Issues Surrounding Self-Driving Cars”, Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Vol.69, December 2015 issue