Professor, School of Agriculture,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Agricultural Engineering, Irrigation, Darainage, and Rural Engineering/Rural Planning, Soil Physics/Environmental Physics

Research themes:
Measuring and modelling mass and energy transfer in the soil and atmosphere near the surface
[Keywords] greenhouse gas, sensor, mass and energy cycle

Main books and papers:
◆“Dojokankyo o keisokusuru sensor” (Sensors for Measuring Soil Environment), sole author, Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Vol. 52 No. 8, 2013
◆“The effective water management practice for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining rice yield in central Japan,” co-author, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2014
◆“Fukushima-ken Iitate-mura niokeru suidendojo no butsurisei” (Physical properties of paddy soils in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture), co-author, Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics, No. 133, 2016