SEKI Masao

Professor, School of Business Administration (~2022),
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Corporate social responsibility

Research themes:
Business and society – A study on creating shared value

Main books and papers:
◆“SDGs Keiei no Jidai ni Motomerareru CSR towa Nanika” (How to integrate SDGs into corporate strategy) Dai-ichi Hoki, 2018
◆“CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY IN THE AGE OF THE SDGS — Role of the Keidanren Charter in the Evolution of CSR in Japan —” CSR White Paper 2018, The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, 2019
◆“SDGs to ESG Toshi no Honshitsuteki-rikai o” (Essential Understandings of the SDGs and ESG Investing) Environmental Education Newsletter No. 123, The Japanese Society for Environmental Education, 2019
◆“The Evolution of Strategic CSR through SDGs” Focus Asia-Pacific December 2018 Vol. 94・Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center, HURIGHTS OSAKA, 2018