OMORI Masayuki

Professor, School of Political Science and Economics,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
History of environmental economics and environmental economics theory; environmental conservation of inland waters

Research themes:
Environmental economics theory (research into the processes behind the establishment of environmental economics theories and environmental policies)

Main books and papers:
◆Pluralism in Sustainability Economics and Today (Journal of Environmental Information Science Vol.40, No.2, Center for Environmental Information Science, Tokyo, 2011 )
◆The Establishment and Development of Cambridge Environmental Economic Thought (Environmental Economy and Policy Research, Discussion Paper Series No.19, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, 2006)
◆Understanding Sustainability Economics, Peter Söderbaum (team translator; Shuppanken, 2010)
◆The Economics of Sustainable Development, Herman E. Daly (team translator; Misuzu Shobo, 2005)