Professor, School of Law,
Meiji University

Research fields:
Law of Criminal Procedure

Research themes:
Reconsidering current Japanese criminal procedure
【Keywords】Criminal procedure, previous Code of Criminal Procedure, criminal trial observation

Main books and papers:
◆“Shinshaku Keiji Soshoho” (New Interpretation of Code of Criminal Procedure) Seibundoh, 2013
◆“Shoko no Mori – Keiji Shokoho Kenkyu –” (Forest of Evidence – Research of Criminal Evidence Law) Seibundoh, 2004
◆“Keiji Sosho niokeru Renzokusei to Hirenzokusei” (Continuity and Discontinuity in Criminal Procedure) (Collection of Papers to Commemorate the 130th Anniversary of School of Law, Meiji University)
◆“Utsushi niyoru Shomei” (Proof by Copies) Horitsu Ronso, vol. 83, nos. 2-3
◆“Shin Ryokei Tetsuzukiron Josetsu” (Introduction to the New Theory on the Sentencing Process) Horitsu Ronso, vol. 82, nos. 4-5
◆“Soin no Tokutei” (Specification of Counts in Information of Cause of Action) Horitsu Ronso, vol. 81, no. 6
◆“Keiji Sosho Taishoron Josetsu” (Introduction to Theory on the Subject Matter of Criminal Procedure) Horitsu Ronso, vol. 81, nos. 2-3
◆“Keisoho Sanbyakunijuhachijo no Mondaiten” (Problems with Article 328 of Code of Criminal Procedure) Horitsu Ronso, vol. 81, no. 1
◆“Keiji Tetsuzukihojo no Shomondai – Sosahen –” (Various Problems in Terms of Criminal Proceeding Law – Investigation –) Collection of Papers, Graduate School of Law, Meiji University, no. 3