USUI Mitsuaki

Professor, Juris Doctor Course (Law School),
Meiji University (~2017)

Research fields:
Administrative appeal system, administrative contracts, administration of government subsidies

Research themes:
Ideal forms of administrative appeal institutions, legal issues of privatization of government services, legal control of government expenses

Academic degrees:

Main books and papers:
◆Toshi gyoseiho seigi II (“Commentary on urban administrative law II”) (Shinzansha, 2014)
◆Toshi gyoseiho seigi I (“Commentary on urban administrative law I”) (Shinzansha, 2013)
◆Gyosei keiyaku seigi (“Commentary on administrative contracts”) (Shinzansha, 2011)
◆Shakai hosho zaiseiho seigi (“Commentary on social security finance law”) (Shinzansha, 2009)
◆Seifu keihiho seigi (“Commentary on government expense law”) (Shinzansha, 2008)
◆Koteki shikin joseiho seigi (“Commentary on public subsidy law”) (Shinzansha, 2007)
◆Kokyo keiyakuho seigi (“Commentary on public contract law”) (Shinzansha, 2005)
◆Yosetsu jichitai zaisei/zaimuho (“Summary of local government finance and financial-affairs law”) (Gakuyo Shobo)
◆Yosetsu jumin sosho to jichitai zaimu (kaiteiban) (“Summary of legal action by residents and local government financial affairs [revised]”) (Gakuyo Shobo, 2002)