KIYA Mitsuhiro

Emeritus Professor,
Former Professor, School of Political Science and Economics (~2019),
Meiji University

Research fields:
Industrial psychology, Industrial sociology

Research themes:
Theoretical and empirical research related to work styles and consumer behavior in an information society
Lifestyle analysis related to work and career choices as well as advertising and consumer behavior

Main books and papers:
◆The Psychology of Intergenerational Communication (Co-author, Bunshindo Publishing Corporation, 2011)
◆Finding Employment and Hiring for University Students (Co-author, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2004)
◆People and Labor in an Information Society (Co-author, Gakubunsha Co., Ltd., 2001)
◆A Career Planning Program Starting from Age 40 (Co-author, Hyogensha, 1994)
◆Introductory Primer on Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Co-author, Fukumura Shuppan Inc., 1989)
◆Local Industries and Communities (Co-editor, Hakuto-Shobo Publishing Company, 1986)