Professor, School of Agriculture,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Microbiology, Life sciences

Research themes:
Genetic metabolic regulation of gut bacteria and its application to the health and beauty of the host

Main books and papers:
◆Effect of dietary ceramide and glucosylceramide on the alleviation of experimental inflammatory bowel disease in mice, Asanuma N., Journal of Oleo Science vol.71, Issue9, pp.1397-1402, 2022
◆Effects of nitrate addition to a diet on fermentation and microbial populations in the rumen of goats, with special reference to Selenomonas ruminantium having the ability to reduce nitrate and nitrite, Asanuma N, Yokoyama S, Hino T., Animal Science Journal 86(4), pp.378-384, 2015