TAMURA Shigeru

Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Power engineering

Research themes:
Renewable Energy, Electricity storage facilities, electric vehicles, local production for local consumption of energy

Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Battery

Main books and papers:
◆A Study of Valley-filling Approach by V2G Planning to Reduce Renewable Energy Curtailment, IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy, 142(2), pp. 59-66., 2022
◆EV Aggregator’s Potential to Play a Role in Providing Flexible Source in Japan, IEEE ISGT Asia, 2021
◆A Study of Potential Profit of EV Aggregator Business in Japan, IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy, 141(10), pp.620-625., 2021
◆A V2G Strategy to Increase the Cost-benefit of Primary Frequency Regulation Considering EV Battery Degradation, IEEJ transactions on power and energy, 140(1), pp.5-13., 2020