Emeritus Professor,
Former Professor, Juris Doctor Course (Law School), Professional Graduate School (~2018),
Meiji University

Research fields:
Commercial Code, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Commodity Derivatives Act

Research themes:
Research on the institution of the joint-stock company; general meetings of shareholders and directors; comparative legal research on exchange law in Japan, the U.S., and Germany

Main books and papers:
◆The Hybrid Textbook of Companies Act (coauthor, Houritsu Bunka Sha, 2012)
◆Shohin sakimono torihikiho (“The Commodity Derivatives Act”) (coauthor, Shojihomu, 2012)
◆The Law of Enterprise (coauthor, Yachiyoshuppan, 2006)
◆Tegataho/kogitteho (“Negotiable Instrument Act/Check Act”) (coauthor, Hokuju, 2006)