Professor, School of Global Japanese Studies,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition

Research themes:
Psychology in second language acquisition. Theoretical and empirical research on themes including effective learning methods in second language (English) acquisition and how to enhance language learner’s motivation.
[Keywords] Motivation, learning strategies, learning style, motivation strategies, English language proficiency benchmarks

Main books and papers:
◆“‘Manabu’/‘Oshieru’/‘Kangaeru’ tameno Jissenteki Eigo-ka Kyoikuho” (Practical English Teaching Methodology from a Standpoint of “Learning”, “Teaching” and “Thinking”) Taishukan Publishing Co., Ltd., 2018
◆“Nani ga Kaigai Ryugaku o Seiko ni Michibiku noka? –Ryugaku no Koka o Saidaika-suru Mittsu no Hinto–” (What Makes Studying Abroad Successful? –Three Tips on Maximizing Outcome of Studying Abroad–) Design Egg Inc., 2017
◆“Mechanisms for Learning English: Effective Study Methods Based on Second Language Acquisition Research” Taishukan Publishing Co., Ltd., 2015
◆“Teaching Languages off the Beaten Track” Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2014
◆“Language Learning Motivation in Japan” Multilingual Matters, 2013
◆“A Retrospective Study of Japanese EFL Learners’ Motivational Changes and Their Causes” Global Japanese Studies Review, Meiji University, No. 8, 2015
◆“Individual Differences in Patterns of Motivation and Conditions that Increase Motivation in L2 Acquisition: A Dynamic Systems Theory Perspective” JACET Journal, No. 58, 2014
◆“L2 Motivation Research from the Perspective of Dynamic Systems Theory: Some Suggestions toward a New Framework” The Language Teacher, Volume 38, 2014
◆“Exploring the Development of Individual Difference Profiles in L2 Reading” System: An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics, Volume 41, 2013
◆“Several Tips to Promote Learner Autonomy in Language Learning” Journal of the Chubu English Language Education Society, Volume 42, 2013