FUJII Yoichiro

Associate Professor, School of Commerce,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Decision-making theory, insurance economics, health economics

Research themes:
The basis of decision-making analysis under uncertainty and its application to the insurance sector

Main books and papers:
◆"The Willingness to Pay for Health Improvements under Comorbidity Ambiguity" (Coauthor, “Journal of Health Economics” (66), pp. 91-100, Springer, 2019)
◆"The Perspective of Research and Education in Insurance Learned from the Experience of the United States, Europe and Asia" (Coauthor, “Journal of Insurance Science” (644), pp. 1-75, The Japanese Society of Insurance Science, 2019)
◆"Regret-sensitive Treatment Decisions" (Coauthor, “Health Economics Review” (8), pp. 1-8, Springer, 2018)