FUKUYAMA Yoshikazu

Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Intelligent social systems research

Research themes:
Smart communities modeling, planning, control and data analysis
[Keywords] Smart community, modeling, optimization, control, machine learning

Main books and papers:
◆Mayuko Sato and Y. Fukuyama, “Total Optimization of Smart City by Global-best Modified Brain Storm Optimization,” Proc. of International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI2018), Sep. 2018 (IJCCI2018 Best Poster Award).
◆Y. Fukuyama, et al. (eds.), “Energy Management for Smart Community,” Taiga Pubisher, 2016
◆Handbook of Electrical Engineering, The 7th Edition, (Coauthor) Ohmsha, Ltd., No. 37 Chapter 4 and No. 5.3 Chapter 6, Information Systems and Monitoring Control, 2013