Associate Professor, School of Arts and Letters,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Museology, pedagogy

Research themes:
Social roles of museums in Japan and other countries; international comparison of museum personnel training
[Keywords] Museum, the United Kingdom, museum education, Course for Prospective Museum Workers

Main books and papers:
◆“Hakubutsukan no Kokusaiteki Choryu to Nihon no Hakubutsukan: 1960 nen UNESCO Hakubutsukan Kankoku to Sono Eikyo no Kensho [international museum trends and museums in Japan: a review of UNESCO’s 1960 recommendation concerning museums and its ramifications].” Sekai to Mirai heno Kakehashi [building a bridge toward the world and the future]. Soseisha, 2017. ch. 4 (140-180).
◆“Analysis of Faculty Member of Curators (Gakugei-in) Qualification Programme” (co-authored) [in Japanese]. Bulletin of museology, Kokugakuin University. 42 (Kokugakuin Daigaku Hakubutsukangaku Koza [Kokugakuin University museology library), 2017. 11-23.
◆“Hakubutsukan to Kyoiku Soshite Shakai ni okeru Yakuwari: George E. Hein no Rainichi Koen kara [museums and education as well as the roles of museums in society: insights gained from the lecture given by George E. Hein in Japan].” Ningen no Hattatsu to Hakubutsukangaku no Kadai: Shinjidai no Hakubutsukan Keiei to Kyoiku wo Kangaeru [Human development and opportunities museology offers: thoughts on museum management in a new era]. Douseisha Publishing, 2015. ch. 2.
◆“Tabunka Shakai wo Ikiru “Watashi” [Individuals who live in a multi-cultural society].” Watashitachi no Kokusaigaku no “Manabi” [our learning from international studies]. Shinhyoron Publishing, 2015. ch. 7 (155-175).
◆“A Study of Learning in the Museum Curator Qualification Program: The Analysis of a Questionnaire Survey on Students” (co-authored) [in Japanese]. Journal of the Museological Society of Japan. Museological Society of Japan. 41-1 (2015): 41-56.
◆“Hakubutsukan Kyoiku-ron [Learning in museums].” Hakubutsukan no Riron to Kyoiku [Museological theories and education]. Asakura Publishing, 2014. ch. 2 (67-123).