KATO Yukio

Emeritus Professor,
Former Professor, School of Agriculture (~2018),
Meiji University

Research fields:
Molecular biology; molecular endocrinology; gene regulation

Research themes:
Pituitary organogenesis and hormone gene expression regulated by network of transcription factors
[Keywords] Pituitary organogenesis and differentiation, regulation of gene expression, hormone

Main books and papers:
◆”Regulatory system for stem/progenitor cell niches in the adult rodent pituitary”, Yoshida S, Kato T & Kato Y. 2016, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17:5
◆”Recent studies on the function of pituitary specific transcription factor Prophet of PIT1 (PROP1) in the pituitary stem/progenitor cells”, Saishu Yoshida, Takako Kato, and Yukio Kato, Bulletin of the School of Agriculture, Meiji University, 62: 79-87, 2013