Professor, School of Information and Communication,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Jurisprudence in new fields (Intellectual Property Law)

Research themes:
Comprehensive observation of the modality of utilization of copyrighted work with unknown right holders, research on the protection of geographical indications

Main books and papers:
◆“AI and Copyright” (Joint authorship) Keiso Shobo, 2024
◆“Chiri-teki Hyoji Hogo Seido no Seisei to Tenkai” (Establishment and Development of Geographical Indication Protection Systems) Koubundou, 2022
◆“Copyright Guide for Educators and Researchers” (Joint authorship) Yuhikaku, 2021
◆“Chosakukenho Dai 35 Jo ni kansuru Hokaisei ni tsuite” (Law Amendment related to Article 35 of the Copyright Act) “NBL” No. 1154, 2019
◆“Oshu ni okeru Rinsetsuken Seido no Doko” (Trends in Neighboring Rights Systems in Europe) “Quarterly Jurist” No. 26, 2018
◆“Current Status and Issues on the Compulsory License System for Exploitation of Orphan Works in Japan” (Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan Vol. 11-1, 2014)