Professor, School of Information and Communication,
Meiji University

SDGs theme

Research fields:
Jurisprudence in new fields (Intellectual Property Law)

Research themes:
Comprehensive observation of the modality of utilization of copyrighted work with unknown right holders, research on the protection of geographical indications, comprehensive study on legal challenges with the utilization of content in practical ICT education
[Keywords] Intellectual Property Law, Copyrights, Patents

Main books and papers:
◆“Shinayakana chosakukenseido ni mukete – content to chosakukenho no yakuwari” (For a flexible copyright system – content and roles of the Copyright Act) (Joint author, Shinzansha Publisher Co., Ltd., 2017)
◆“Orphan Works” (COPYRIGHT Vol. 661, 2016)
◆“Chiritekihyojiho no gaiyo to kongo no kadai nitsuite” (Outline of the geographical indication act and challenges in the future) (Jurist, Vol.1488, 2016)
◆“Shuppan o meguru hotekikadai sono riron to jitsumu” (Legal challenges on publication – the theory and practice) (Joint author, NIPPON HYORON SHA CO., LTD., 2015)
◆“Content business to chosakukenho no jitsumu” (Content business and the Copyright Act in practice) (Joint author, Sankyo Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd., 2015)
◆“Current Status and Issues on the Compulsory License System for Exploitation of Orphan Works in Japan” (Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan Vol. 11-1, 2014)
◆“Chosakukensha fumeito no baai no saiteiseido no arikata nitsuite” (Arbitration system with unknown copyright holders) (Jurist Vol. 9, 2014)
◆“Current Copyright Law Reform in the UK and its Implications for Japan: Focus on the Recommendations of the Hargreaves Review in 2011” (Copyright Studies, Vol. 38, 2013)
◆“The Development of International Discussions on Geographical Indications and Future Tasks” (Patent Studies Vol. 55, 2013)
◆“Gendai chitekizaisanho koza III – chitekizaisanhogaku no kokusaiteki kosaku” (Current intellectual property rights course III – International complexity of intellectual property jurisprudence) (Joint author, NIPPON HYORON SHA CO., LTD., 2012)
◆“Shuppansha no hoyu suru beki kenri no arikata nitsuite” (Rights owned by publishers) (Jurist, Vol. 1432, 2011)